The Matrix

God and Government

Not Guilty!


Jury finds woman with 83 pounds of marijuana in her van NOT GUILTY!!


Warning: In Case You Are a Moron Read Sign

We have become a brain-dead society of people whom require warnings to keep us from harming ourselves. Everywhere you look there are warning signs or labels designed to protect us from ourselves.


Ahh yes what a loving god he is….

Border Patrol: “K9 can sniff you’re not American”


Video of what is going on at the border


Attorney Marc Victor Blasts The Drug War In Open Court


Attorney Marc J. Victor blasts the drug war and the “Justice System” in open court on a case involving Marijuana possession and sales.


Blasphemy Is Funny

Blasphemy is victimless because no one or nothing has been offended by it. It is not possible to offend this thing called “god” because it does not exist. Therefore it is no more possible to speak in a blasphemous tone about “god” than it would be to speak blasphemously of Santa Clausor the Tooth Fairy.

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Religion is a Mental Disorder

When I was in the process of creating this lens I had a difficult time deciding exactly what category I should list it under. While I was perusing the choices “Religious Education” came up…I thought that’s perfect, what an oxymoron that is…religion and education, which also reminds me of my other favorite oxymoron, “Christian Science”…as if there ever could be such a thing lol.

I’m sure to theologians ‘Christian Science’ is a way to try and add logic and reason to an area where none exists. By adding the term ‘science’ to the term ‘Christian’ they have convinced themselves that there really is some scientific process for their beliefs. Although this form of mental masturbation may serve them in some way, to the rest of the rational and intelligent world it is nothing more than a joke.

Here are a few of my other favorite oxymoron’s: Government Intelligence; Government Organization; Fair Tax; Temporary Tax Increase; Political Science; Civil War; Congressional Ethics; Federal Reserve; Resident Alien; Genuine Imitation; Same Difference; Passive Aggression; Microsoft Works, and who could forget, Jews for Hitler.

I’m not sure if ‘Oxymoron’ is the correct term…I think just plain ole moron describes this better.

Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Are you a Pastafarian? Come join The Holy Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monsterand learn about the real creator of the Universe. Although many have known for some time that the creator was really The Flying Spaghetti Monster. Behold His Noodliness and drop to you knees and stand in awe as you reach out and touch His Noodly Appendage.


Why Do People Believe in Bullshit?

Why are people so prone to believe in bullshit? I am not just talking about religion (although religion is complete bullshit) but all things bullshit. Fortune tellers, astrology, talking to the dead, alien abductions, end of the world, ESP, Ouija Boards, near death experiences, Faked Moon Landing, war on drugs, government, taxes, recycling, Global Warming, the Bible, and yes Creationism. All 100% bullshit!